“Their” Pricing vs. OUR Pricing

March 20, 2018

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Over the years I’ve thought, “Why are dental instruments so expensive?” You know, mirrors, explorers, curettes, rubber dam clamps, forceps…  I’ve always wondered what other doctors are paying and if I’m the sucker who is paying more than everyone else.

By Dr. Lou Berman

Over the last two years I’ve had the opportunity to dig a little deeper and I found that I’m paying a huge markup, and my guess is that you are too.  Almost all dental instruments are sold through dental dealers who take about 40% of the purchase price. I was tired of being ripped off, so I decided to do something about it.

With the help of some incredible dentists around the country, I’ve founded Berman Dental Instruments. We’ve vetted instrument manufacturers, researched steel quality, and developed instruments so good, I’m proud to put my name on them. Stop paying ridiculously marked up prices and purchase quality dental instruments directly through us.

See for yourself:


Rubber Dam Forceps

“The unique design has a slightly longer beak, which allows easier rubber dam placement on posterior teeth.”

I used to pay: $125.00

Berman’s Pricing: $29.98!

– Dr. Lou Berman | Annapolis, MD



150 Universal Forceps

“At this incredibly low value pricing, it’s definitely worth having multiple surgical setups.”

I used to pay: $204.00

Berman’s Pricing: $32.98

– Dr. John Phillips | Chickasha, OK



2 PFI Composite Instrument

“I love this instrument because the composite doesn’t stick to it, it’s easy to clean, and works well in my hand!”

I used to pay: $26.98

Berman’s Pricing: $12.98

Dr. Jodi Danna | Plano, TX


4 1/2 Curved Iris Scissors

“A sharp pair of scissors is essential for precision and efficiency. The Berman scissors bargain pricing ensures zero tolerance for anything but the best in my hands.”

I used to pay: $15.49

Berman’s Pricing: $2.98!

– Dr. Matt VanderMolen | Springfield, IL



#23/CP-12 Expro (Explorer/Probe)

“This is a staple instrument in my office. I use the explorer/probe in every single setup, from basic exam kits to surgical kits and everything in between. The convenient color-coded periodontal probe is useful for pocket measurement, recession recording, measuring ridge width, measuring donor site outlines for grafting and much more. Having both instruments in one is efficient and saves space in the cassettes.”

I used to pay: $19.98

Berman’s Pricing: $6.98

Dr. Amy Creech-Gionis | Tampa, FL


1/2 Gracey

“As a periodontist, my office goes through many graceys per year. Berman’s value driven pricing helps keep my overhead in check!”

I used to pay: $17.50

Berman’s Pricing: $9.98

Dr. Pamela Ray | San Antonio, TX





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