The Vertical Dimension in Prosthetis and Orthognathodontics. Integration between function and aesthetics

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The Vertical Dimension is essential for a correct occlusal reconstruction and for rehabilitating the whole Stomatognathic System. The book offers a clear path towards the best possible management of the vertical dimension within which function's restoration and esthetic result coincide. The author describes Profs. Slavicek and Sato's key concepts in a practical and clear way. These concepts can be applied to all aspects of dental rehabilitation; from removable prosthesis to fixed prosthesis, from implant prosthesis to pediatric and adult orthodontics.
  • The gnathological approach in complex rehabilitation is a very innovative subject in dentistry.
  • The book presents innovative, registered diagnostic and technical procedures (such as the Occlusal Mandibular Repositioning Technique, OMRT and the Early Mandibular Reposition in Technique, ERMT)
  • Clinical cases are presented with medium and long-term follow ups
  • Lavish illustrations support the presentation of the several techniques
Table of Contents:
  • Chapter 1 Gnathologic principles' transversality.
  • Chapter 2 Digital and analogic gnothologic diagnostic process.
  • Chapter 3 Face macroesthetic due to mandibular position.
  • Chapter 4 Occlusal plane.
  • Chapter 5 Occlusal concepts.
  • Chapter 6 Vertical dimension project according to the Vienna School.
  • Chapter 7 Occlusal mandibular reposition technique (OMRT).
  • Chapter 8 The 10 fundamental steps of the treatment plan.
  • Nazareno Bassetti, Private Specialist.
Pages: 224
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