NuEndo, Rethinking Endodontics: A Systematic Approach to Diagnosis and Case Selection

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This book walks you through the endodontic evaluative process from the perspective of a clinically practicing endodontist. It’s all the stuff you didn’t get in dental school. It begins with the patient’s chief complaint, then follows a nonlinear format— solely based on your patient’s specific clinical scenario. It constantly answers the “what’s next?” question. The systematic flow charts are fully supported by evidence-based narratives, radiographs, and clinical photographs.

For the general dentist and the experienced endodontist alike, NuEndo is both a guide and a reference tool for the complex processes of endodontic diagnosis, prognosis, and case selection. You will come to fully understand the dynamics of the pulpal-dentin complex, the underlying conditions related to pulpal and periapical disease, and the methods surrounding its assessment. NuEndo makes the complex straightforward by using easy-to-follow flow diagrams for every aspect of endodontic diagnosis.

  • Arm yourself with rational, evidence-based thought processes and use them to reinforce your clinical decisions and treatment recommendations
  • Build critical thinking skills that will hone your diagnostic and prognostic abilities
  • Follow well-developed and structured arguments to help you decide “what’s next?” for any given set of preexisting patient conditions.
Author, William J. Nudera DDS, MS:
  • Specialized in Endodontics. Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics. Active Member of the American Dental Association, Chicago Dental Society, Illinois Dental Society, and the American Association of Endodontists. Endodontic Advocate and Key Opinion Leader for Dentsply Tulsa Dental Specialties.
Book Introduction:
  • Knowledge about the science of endodontics can be separated from its clinical application. It is possible to technically perform root canal treatment without any knowledge of the science whatsoever. It is equally possible to understand the science completely, yet not understand how to execute the technique. Although one can find several titles related to endodontics, there remains a clear need for an approachable and understandable text about how the process is carried out and how the physical evidence correlates with the theoretical and technical framework. This book attempts to do that.
  • This book is a teaching tool as much as a learning tool. Many techniques described in these pages are neither original nor novel. Most of the ideas and concepts are derived from the volumes of clinical research and textbooks available to all. This book merely presents an interpretation of those ideas and concepts, arranged systematically and logically. This book simplifies a complex process. It is for those who want to understand endodontics more deeply from the perspective of a clinically practicing endodontist.
  • There are known limitations in the techniques. Our models have a strong congruence with the knowledge of integrated biological systems and their relationship to external variables; that is why the clinical practice of endodontics continues to produce mostly favorable results. However, our current models fall short of satisfying all we think we understand about science. They do not explain why some treatments appear to succeed even though they clearly violate our accepted model. We know a tremendous amount about how endodontics works, but not nearly enough.

Chapter  1

  • Reason for Endodontic Evaluation System   3
  • Extraoral Swelling   11
  • Extraoral Swelling System   13
  • Emergency Medication Management System   22

Chapter  2

  • Radiographic Imaging Options System   36
  • Radiographic Imaging System 1    40
  • Radiographic Imaging System 2    42
  • Standard Radiographic Acquisition System   46
  • CBCT Acquisition System   50
  • Radiographic Findings System   57
  • Radiographic Revisions System   66
  • Intraoral Screening System   77
  • Alternative Options System   82

Chapter   3

  • Intraoral Evaluation System   117
  • Tissue Drainage System   136
  • Clinical Verification System   146

Chapter   4

  • Diagnostic Protocol Options System   157
  • Lingering Pain to Heat Diagnostic System   159
  • Diagnostic Testing Network   165
  • Cotton Swab Bite Test   166
  • Cotton Swab Bite Test System   168
  •  Percussion Test   170
  • Percussion Test System   172
  • Bite Stick Test   175
  • Bite Stick Test System   177
  • Cotton Roll Chewing Test   179
  • Cotton Roll Chewing Test System   181
  • Cold Testing   185
  • Cold Testing: System 1    189
  • Cold Testing: System 2    193
  • Cold Testing: System 3    200
  • Electric Pulp Testing   202
  •  Electric Pulp Testing System   205
  • Selective Anesthesia   210
  • Tooth Condition System   211

Chapter   5

  • PROGNOSIS   223
  • Prognosis Screening System   225
  • No Crestal Bone Loss System   227
  • Crestal Bone Loss System   238
  • No Bone Loss System   252
  • Reversible Pulpitis System   264

Chapter   6

  • Pulpal Diagnosis System   272
  • Periapical Diagnosis System   279
  • Treatment Options System   284

Conclusion   289

  • Patient Subjective Examination Questionnaire   290
  • References   291
  • The Author   296
  • Acknowledgments 298
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