Guided Surgery: Making Implant Placement Simpler

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This easy-to-consult handbook offers practical applications and real-world solutions to clinical cases.  Dentists will find this book to be a valuable guide for virtual surgical planning and a path to becoming more familiar with the world of digital dental surgery.
Author: Nicholas G.C. Fahey
  • Dr. Fahey is a specialist Prosthodontist and Implant Dentistry, expert. He now works solely in Woodborough House, his referral practice in West Berkshire. He is the lead clinician in a team with significant experience in the multidisciplinary approach to patient treatment and care, accepting referrals related to prosthodontics and dental implantology. Of particular interest is his involvement in all aspects of digital dentistry - especially using CT Scans in conjunction with virtual implant planning software for computer-guided surgery to allow for simplification of surgical placement of dental implants.
  • He has lectured worldwide on topics such as computer-guided surgery and virtual implant planning.  He is the co-founder of the Fitz Fahey Academy, an international faculty of dental educators dedicated to educating and supporting dental professionals throughout the world by providing mentoring and comprehensive, progressive, and interdisciplinary teaching with the aim of transforming clinical knowledge and understanding to transform patients’ lives.
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