Endodontics: Volume 1 and 2

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The 2022 edition of Endodontics is a masterpiece. The book captures the endodontics of the past, the endodontics of now, its trends, and the endodontics of the future. Illustrates the changes in endodontic technologies: from evolutionary history to the preparation of a correct access cavity, cleaning and shaping and 3D filling, from interdisciplinary endodontics to post-endodontic restoration, no detail comes up omitted in describing treatment methods necessary for clinical success.
  • Volume I sets the stage by laying the foundation of the endodontic discipline and enables the reader to understand literally every current endodontic Cleaning and Shaping method with superb illustrations covering every technique detail.
  • Volume II shows the Obturation method and focus into what matters in endodontics complete in a way that the reader can easily grasp and immediately apply to their practice. Diagnosis, cleansing and shaping and, subsequently, the three dimensional obturation of the root canals are the most critical aspects of endodontics.
  • The chapters dedicated to these topics are exhaustive as well as the chapter on endoparodontal relationships and on the influence that the two pathologies have on each other. The orthograde and surgical retreatments chapters make the text still more current and practical, as well as the new chapters on three-dimensional radiology and on pulp regeneration.
Author: Arnaldo Castellucci, MD, private practice, Florence (Italy)
  • The book brings the world’s most prominent endodontic teachers under one roof, with one vision, and one source, and with one purpose: to know the status quo of endodontic knowledge and engage the reader.
  • It includes contributions of: K.A. Coury, M. Scianamblo, J. Stropko, West, JC. Ruddle, J. Webber, O. Peters, A. Arias, S. Buchanan, Y. Terauchi.
  • 77 videos accessible via QR code
  • Arm yourself with rational, evidence-based thought processes and use them to reinforce your clinical decisions and treatment recommendations
  • Build critical thinking skills that will hone your diagnostic and prognostic abilities
  • Follow well-developed and structured arguments to help you decide “what’s next?” for any given set of preexisting patient conditions.
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  • Volume 1: 904
  • Volume 2: 792
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