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SOLUTIONS – Adhesive restoration techniques and integrated surgical procedures

SKU: 9788821449741

Price: $285.98
Esthetic Implants: How to think about complex cases in anterior areas with a global approach to the patient smile

SKU: 9788821453267

Price: $187.98
Piezoelectric Surgery of Impacted Teeth

SKU: 9788821453083

Price: $77.98
Adhesive Cementation On Natural Teeth: Materials and Techniques

SKU: 9788821453724

Price: $109.98
Diode Laser Manual in Dentistry and Stomatology

SKU: 9788821453700

Price: $119.98
Dental Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) – A Practical Manual

SKU: 9781735149721

Price: $112.98
The Vertical Dimension in Prosthetis and Orthognathodontics. Integration between function and aesthetics

SKU: 9788821450396

Price: $109.98
Retreatments. Solutions for Apical Diseases of Endodontic Origin

SKU: 9788821450938

Price: $174.95