New Drugs and Guidelines

October 4, 2018

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Webinar Recording: Dentists have been treating patients on medication like Coumadin for years. With the large number of new oral anticoagulants on the market, interactions and indications have become even more difficult to understand. This webinar will walk you through the differences between NOACs and help you safely treat these patients.

We highly recommend purchasing  Dr. Fang’s Ultimate Cheat Sheets. This practical guide for dentists contains up-to-date information of the constantly-changing FDA mandates, emergency algorithms, and the steady stream of new drugs and their interactions.

Nearly every pertinent clinical issue is condensed into a simple, color-coded and user-friendly format to allow you to stay focused on keeping your patient safe.

A sample of the core material covered in The Ultimate Cheat Sheets includes:

  • Dental implications of the top 150 drugs prescribed in the U.S.
  • Instructions on how to manage a patient with Diabetes mellitus
  • What you need to know about a patient on oral anticoagulants
  •  Recommendations for when to avoid treating a patient with a history of angina
  • The proper protocol for treating a patient who requires antibiotic prophylaxis but is already on Amoxicillin for acute sinusitis

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