Implant Solutions for the Edentulous Patient

October 10, 2018

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Implant Solutions for the Edentulous Patient

Webinar Recording: This presentation reviews case selection and acceptance, shows a variety of clinical cases, discusses different treatment options, and reviews procedures that will help you achieve the most predictable outcome.

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OsteoReady continues to evolve their education platform and focuses training on efficient, predictable, and safe techniques. They understand the needs of the General Dentist and have developed a comprehensive teaching model, complete with live surgeries, hands-on training, and both restorative and surgical techniques, to support faster implant implementation after a course. With an assortment of courses to choose from including on-demand online education, solution-based half day courses, and 2-day Mini-Residencies, OsteoReady is making implant dentistry more accessible for the General Practitioner.

3 thoughts on “Implant Solutions for the Edentulous Patient

  1. Awesome presentation last night from Dr. Little. Truly, one of the great leaders in our field — and most importantly, he is an outstanding speaker. Thanks again, Dr. Little!

  2. It’s always a pleasure to hear Dr. Little present! A gifted speaker and great teacher, his deep knowledge is shared in such a straightforward and practical, applicable way.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the webinar.

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