Friends of Lou: Dr. William Nudera

January 27, 2022

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Meet my friend Dr. William Nudera, a fellow endodontist who believes dentists can (and should!) start doing more endo.

During our discussion, Bill talked about his goal to inspire general dentists to confidently complete endo procedures without breaking the bank on expensive equipment. Watch the above video to learn more!


Dr. Nudera’s Favorite Instruments:

DG16/17 Endo Explorer: $13.98

Rubber Dam Clamps: $5.98

College Pliers: $7.98

Endo Excavators: $14.98

Rubber Dam Punch: $53.98

Click here to learn more about Dr. William Nudera’s new book NuEndo ReThinking Endodontics. This book serves as a guide and reference tool for the complex processes of endodontic diagnosis, prognosis, and case selection.

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