Founder’s Favorites

January 14, 2022

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Hear what Berman Founder, Dr. Lou Berman, has to say about a few of his favorite instruments.

DG16/17 Endodontic Explorer

“Superb sharpness and resistance to bending. The #17 end is perfect for detecting root resorption.”

Molt #9 Periosteal Elevator

“Perfectly balanced, exquisitely angled for precision gingival reflection.”

6” Crile-Wood Needle Holder

“The tungsten carbide tips allow for suture needle holding without rotation.”


Our black-coated rubber dam clamps are non-reflective from the light of the surgical microscope. Even better? They’re $5.98.

We have rubber dam forceps that have a longer beak (after the hinge) for better access to second molars.

If you want to talk apical surgery, we have a full array of surgical instruments including outstanding needle holders and scalpel blade handles for $3.98.

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Diagnostic, Surgical, Endodontic, Restorative and Hygiene.

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