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All stainless steel is not the same. It varies depending on the alloys used, the heating and cooling cycles implemented, and the finishing process. As dentists, we have all seen instruments “age” differently over the years, and the sterilization process has a lot to do with it. After hundreds of autoclaving cycles, instruments may develop pitting, rusting and discoloration. There is no question that some instruments tolerate the sterilization process better than others, and this is directly related to the quality of the stainless steel used. Our instruments are made from high-quality, French and Italian stainless steel and they’ve been painstakingly tested in our offices to not only ensure the quality, but also ergonomic design. As a result, we have developed a line of dental instruments that are Dentist Preferred. Value Driven™.


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4 1/2 ” Iris Scissor – Curved




#3 Scalpel Handle

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14 Spoon Excavator

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