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The Ultimate Cheat Sheets contains up-to-date information of the constantly-changing FDA mandates, emergency algorithms, and the steady stream of new drugs and their interactions. Click here to purchase the 2019 edition.

Webinar Recording: Grow Your Practice with Effective Dental Team Management

Managing team members can be both rewarding and challenging. Our employees have different backgrounds and experiences, after all, making it difficult to know exactly what they need from us to …

Webinar Recording: Full Face Assessment and Treatment Strategies Using Injectables

Like a great smile, optimal facial beauty is all about proportion. While you can incorporate injectables into treatment plans to help patients realize ideal proportion, you first need to develop …

Webinar Recording: Socket Preservation for the GP

Dental implants are one of the fastest-growing treatment modalities in general dentistry. Whether you are placing implants or treatment planning with a team approach, or even if you’re planning to …

Webinar Recording: The Ins, Outs, and Arounds of Perio and Endo Diagnosis

The differences between endodontic and periodontic infection are subtle, which can make proper diagnosis a challenge. Don’t let these subtleties trip you up. Streamline the diagnosis process by simply getting …

Webinar Recording: Pharmacology for the Dental Professional

At a time when both dentistry and medicine are galloping ahead at break-neck speeds, it is critical for you as a dental professional to understand developments that impact patient care. …

Lost Opportunity: The Plague That’s Killing Your New Patient Numbers

Webinar Recording: Do you need advice on how to turn more new patient calls into appointments? You’ve come to the right place. Watch this webinar to learn more.

Predictable Implants: Introduction to The Marc Nevins® Dental Implant System

Webinar Recording: Learn modern dental implant technology and protocols that are designed to increase predictability and improve workflow.

Practical Applications of CBCT Scanning for Endodontic Treatment

Webinar Recording: Learn practical applications of cone beam scanning and leverage this information on your next clinical treatment!

PRACTICE BUILDING 2019: Your Road Map to Prosperity in Dentistry

Webinar Recording: Begin 2019 by either starting, or getting back on track to the journey toward the freedom to practice the way you want, as much as you want, for …

The Next Revolution in Endodontics

Webinar Recording: Learn what your endodontist already knows, and why you should reevaluate old techniques, file systems, and sealers.

Tips and Tricks to Elevate Everyday Restorative Dentistry

Webinar Recording: Learn clinical tips and tricks to allow for everyday dentistry to seamlessly blend with the patient’s dentition.

Socket Preservation for the GP

Webinar Recording: Learn the physiology of bone healing after an extraction, the different types of grating materials, and advantages of preserving ridge dimensions at the time of extraction.

Implant Solutions for the Edentulous Patient

Webinar Recording: This presentation reviews case selection and acceptance, shows a variety of clinical cases, discusses different treatment options, and reviews procedures that will help you achieve the most predictable …

New Drugs and Guidelines

Webinar Recording: Dentists have been treating patients on medication like Coumadin for years. With the large number of new oral anticoagulants on the market, interactions and indications have become even …

The Ultimate Cheat Sheets – Order your copy today!

The Ultimate Cheat Sheets contains up-to-date information of the constantly-changing FDA mandates, emergency algorithms, and the steady stream of new drugs and their interactions.

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