During our discussion, Bill talked about his goal to inspire general dentists to confidently complete endo procedures without breaking the bank on expensive equipment. Watch the above video to learn more!


Dr. Nudera’s Favorite Instruments:

DG16/17 Endo Explorer: $13.98

Rubber Dam Clamps: $5.98

College Pliers: $7.98

Endo Excavators: $14.98

Rubber Dam Punch: $53.98

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DG16/17 Endodontic Explorer

“Superb sharpness and resistance to bending. The #17 end is perfect for detecting root resorption.”

Molt #9 Periosteal Elevator

“Perfectly balanced, exquisitely angled for precision gingival reflection.”

6” Crile-Wood Needle Holder

“The tungsten carbide tips allow for suture needle holding without rotation.”


Our black-coated rubber dam clamps are non-reflective from the light of the surgical microscope. Even better? They’re $5.98.

We have rubber dam forceps that have a longer beak (after the hinge) for better access to second molars.

If you want to talk apical surgery, we have a full array of surgical instruments including outstanding needle holders and scalpel blade handles for $3.98.

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Diagnostic, Surgical, Endodontic, Restorative and Hygiene.