Advice to My Younger Self

April 12, 2018

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If you could give your younger-self advice, what would you say? We invite you to peek into our past (photos included!) and glean some advice from the lessons we’ve learned.

In our experience, the best advice comes from those who have been there and done that. We’ve lived a bit and learned a lot. Our perspective is now colored by the many years of not only being dentists, but also business owners. We now see things with a bit more wisdom — or so we hope!

Dr. Matt VanderMolen

Graduated from the University of Illinois

“To find a mentor who is a proven success in our field. Early in my career, I followed the direction and advice of people who weren’t dentists. They all meant well, but they didn’t have a true sense of what dentists face in real life. Once I found dentists to mentor and coach me, my career took off. Dental professionals working together to do what’s right in order to help other dentists; that’s what Berman Dental Instruments is all about.”

Dr. Jodi Danna

Dr. Jodi Danna

Graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry

“In dental school we purchased instruments that were “chosen” for us. No choice regarding types, style, brand or cost.  After dental school, I continued to use my purchased items. Today, students don’t have to purchase their own instruments. They graduate and have the opportunity to try different options prior to purchasing.  In today’s world, the rising costs of supplies and the desire to lower overhead leaves you more opportunity to research and look for value driven, quality instruments. My advice: do your homework and check out what Berman Dental Instruments has to offer.”

Dr. Lou Berman

Dr. Lou Berman

Graduated from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry

“When I left dental school, I just assumed that the dental instruments I was using were the best, and I should buy them for my private practice. Given what I know now, I would be more cost conscious and do my own evaluations of supplies, materials, and equipment. There are huge savings to be made without sacrificing quality.”

Dr. Pamela Ray

Dr. Pamela Ray

Graduated from UT Health Science Center San Antonio Dental School

“Be a smart consumer when it comes to dental products. Research and don’t over pay for the same product you can find at a better price elsewhere.” 

Dr. John C. Phillips

Graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry

“I would tell myself to be aggressive with constantly learning more, especially atraumatic extraction techniques. There is so much to learn! Our patients have a lot of options, especially if we are conservative with their teeth and bone.”

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