A Letter From Our Founder, Dr. Lou Berman

October 10, 2021

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Welcome to Berman Dental Instruments!

After practicing dentistry for over thirty years in Annapolis, Maryland, I have always felt that dental instruments are over-inflated in price. For example, through your dental dealer (who takes roughly 40% of the sale price), premium scalers and curettes sell for about $30-$40 each.  At Berman Dental Instruments, we found we can manufacture dental instruments with the same high quality, and sell them directly to you for less than $20. Dental offices are expensive to operate. Some costs inevitably increase and are beyond your control. Aside from increasing production, one of the most effective ways you can increase your profitability is to decrease the amount you spend on supplies. Especially when opening a new office or operatory, dental instruments can be a big expense. Stop paying retail. Purchase instruments directly through our website and save money.

Dr. Lou Berman
Berman Dental Instruments

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